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Future proof your organization and gain a clear view of your company’s employee compensation and benefits benchmarks compared to the market.

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Taking the Guess Out of Guesswork.

Compete analyzes endless data uploaded by top tech companies, providing a clear view of compensation and benefits benchmarks.

Make Data-Driven Compensation Decisions

Role Search

Get real-time insights of the salary structure, including an indication of your company’s compensation in relation to the benchmark.


Search for over 80 benefits in various categories, effectively plan your total rewards policy to improve hiring, retention and employee satisfaction.

Comp. Philsophy

Make sure your target percentiles in each department, role, etc. are aligned with your philosophy and adjust where needed.


Into Competitive HR Practices

Retention Management

Identify employees who are underpaid and at a high risk for leaving the organization and adjust their compensation package based on verified real-time data.

Pay Transparency

Stay compliant with ever changing salary legislations and reduce wage disparities to level the playing field.

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