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We Benchmark Total Rewards for Every Role in Tech

Gain insights on how your compensation philosophy is benchmarked in relation to the industry and simply create salary bands that integrate with any job level.

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Stay Ahead Of The Market
Stay competitively ahead in compensation by using our adaptable benchmarks that respond to market shifts.
Monitor Company’s Budget
Gain a clear view on your company's People spending and make adjustments in alignment with your compensation philosophy.
Create Internal Fairness
Enable managers to allocate their budget responsibly, enhancing their ability to engage in meaningful discussions with candidates and employees.
Gain Organizational Trust
Strategically plan and communicate employee compensation to foster alignment between managers and C-level executives.
Segment Data
Filter data based on your needs, including company stage, sector, location, role, level, and more.
Benchmark Globally
Make sure you're offering competitive and equitable compensation to your global workforce.


Become a Perks Pro

Build a benefits package based on the company’s values. Provide unlimited vacation days for your employees or contribute to their 401k accounts to foster growth and development.


Ensure Equity is

Gain visibility into Equity insights, from vesting status to common cliff practices and grants.

Serious About Security
  • Your company and employee identity will never be revealed
  • ISO/IEC 27001/27701 Certifications

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Michal Livny
Michal Livny
SVP People Operations

Condensing huge amounts of data points into an intuitive & user-friendly dashboard allows us to make data-led decisions

Or Wolf
Or Wolf
Director of Comp&Ben & HR Data

Compete's data significantly streamlines my collaboration with the Finance team, enabling me to present reports that aid in planning the company's budget

Aline Van Koninckxloo
Aline Van Koninckxloo
Global Head of People

Compete empowers us to establish competitive pay structures, fostering transparency, and enabling us to be a progressive and equitable employer

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